Thursday, September 6, 2012

One Month Update

My baby girl is one month old already...

And she fits into the outfit I made her when I was pregnant.  See tutorial here.  I must say - it is much cuter on!

She has gained just over 2 pounds since birth and has grown sooo much.  She is definitely filling out and is getting some adorable baby rolls (Micheline Arms!). She is just starting to take an interest in toys (rattle) when I shake them for her.  She has been sleeping in her own room since 2 weeks old and sleeping fabulously.  She is losing some hair - mostly on the top of her head so we will see if she loses it all or not. 

Now for some more pictures!

Just love her!


  1. she is adorable! congrats on your sweet baby girl, girls are SO much fun! and cute outfit you made : ) I found your blog at casey w link up!

  2. Awww! SO sweet! LOVE her little outfit!! :)