Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Photo Contest

The days are just dragging on and all I seem to think about is my baby and when she will join us! Seriously, it is consuming all my time!

So I thought I would (try) to take a break from willing this baby out of me and tell you about what I have going on at work.

Every year we have a Photo Calendar Contest that is free to enter (US residents only) and there are $1000 in prizes that will be given away...AWESOME! The theme is anything and each person can enter 2 photos - so let your family and friends know!

Everyone should enter....since I can't!

Monday, July 30, 2012

This is awesome!

Seriously! How awesome is this wedding ring!
Too bad I didn't see this when we were getting married.  I showed it to Dan and he even said - bummer that is an awesome ring!
This would have fit right in with our wedding.... I had a MN Twins Baseball garter, we took pictures of our wedding party playing baseball....would have been awesome. Maybe for an anniversary (even though he doesn't even wear the ring he has!)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

One day past my Due Date.....

Dear Baby,

Wow, you’re almost here and we are so excited to finally meet you.  Your dad and I have been waiting for you for 9 long months and pretty soon we’ll get to see you, touch you, and gaze into your beautiful eyes.  I’m especially looking forward to holding you in my arms and nuzzling your sweet smelling head.  Let’s spend hours together just cuddling, nursing, sleeping, and enjoying life together.

I can’t wait to be your mama.  I’ve been preparing for motherhood since I was a young girl and I feel so ready to welcome you into my life.  I’ve studied everything I could about how to be a good parent, how to help you learn and grow, and how to be the best example I can be for you.  I’ve even practiced by taking care of lots of other babies and kids, but really it was all for you.  Taking care of you and teaching you how to take good care of yourself sounds like the most fun and rewarding thing I could possibly do in my life. 

Just wait ‘till you meet your dad.  He’s fantastic.  I just know he’s going to be such a wonderful daddy to you.  When I was choosing a husband I decided to choose the man with the biggest, most beautiful heart I could find.  And that’s your dad.  He cares so deeply, and shares himself so openly.  I love his honesty and his sense of humor.  I completely trust him to take exquisite care of all of our hearts, which is really the most important task of all.  And on top of all that, he’s hilarious!  With your daddy in our lives, we are sure to have lots and lots of laughter and fun.

My friends keep telling me that you’re “one lucky baby” and I agree.  I’ve always thought of myself as one of the luckiest people I know.  And I’m so happy to pass on my good fortune to you.  In fact, there’s no one else I’d rather bless with endless good luck and the ability to appreciate and enjoy it.

One of my deepest hopes is that we can always communicate openly with each other, that no matter what’s happening, you know you can always come to us, share whatever’s on your heart and we’ll always love you no matter what.  There may be times when we don’t like each other very much, but even then, please know, that we love you dearly, deeply, and without conditions.  And even in times when you think you don’t, we’ll remember that you love us too.  Because that’s how it is in our family, we practice unconditional love and acceptance no matter what the circumstances.

So, welcome to life on Earth, and welcome to your family.  May you be surrounded by love, inspired to learn and grow, and always know that you are deeply cherished.

So much love, Your Mom

Friday, July 27, 2012

40 Weeks

40 Weeks......Holy crap I did not think I would make it the entire 40 weeks
Baby is the size of a small pumpkin (looks and feels like a large pumpkin/watermelon to me!)

(Picture taken at 39 Weeks 5 Days)

One of our good friends, who was due two weeks after us, just had their baby yesterday! While I am SOOO excited for them - it is hard not to be jealous that they had theirs and mine just isn't ready to come.  I feel bad thinking that but at this point I can't really do anything about it.

Husband has been very understanding.... I told him the day before they had their baby that if they had their baby before we did - he was in BIG trouble :) It is funny to joke about and I am glad they had a healthy baby.  We got home from our doctor appointment yesterday and still no progress (at 39 weeks 5 days).  I am hoping to just relax and have this baby girl make her way out on her own - so we don't have to deal with any scary stuff!

Come on baby girl! We want to see your beautiful face!

Embracing the Camera with The Anderson Crew!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Awkward & Awesome Thursday!

* How much my hands, wrists and fingers hurt! I think it is from the swelling which hasn't been too bad but just enough to make it very uncomfortable.  Most nights the pain wakes me up...ready for that to be over with!
* Every single person I have seen asks me "how I am feeling" and talk about how uncomfortable that I must be.... yes I am uncomfortable and you pointing it out doesn't make it any better! It is like when someone says "Your grumpy today..." that always seems to make me even more grumpy.
* My maternity clothes that just aren't fitting anymore! Hope nobody minds looking at the bottom of my belly!

* Being in the final weeks (hopefully only week!) and being that much closer to meeting our beautiful baby girl!
* Being so close to loosing this extra weight! It has seriously taken a toll on my hips and knees.  I don't think I am made to be this heavy! Can't wait to do normal things again - like bend over and work out!
* How loving my husband is the past couple weeks... he is so excited to meet his daughter.  I love it SO MUCH! He is going to be a fantastic dad and I can't wait for that to happen for him (and for me to by a mommy!)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cinnamon Crunch Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

This weekend I made some FANTASTIC banana bread!

I always make the usual chocolate chip banana bread (because everything is better with chocolate chips!) but wanted to try something different.  After some time on the almighty internet I found this recipe for Cinnamon Crunch Banana Bread.

I followed the recipe pretty closely - except I added in chocolate chips of course!

It turned out fantastic! Husband loved it and has pretty much eaten the whole loaf.  I will definitely be making this recipe again!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ok Pretty Baby....

I would like to meet you now!

You can come anytime! Daddy and I are ready!

Love, your not-so-patient mom

Friday, July 20, 2012

Rest in Peace Grandpa...

If I could write a story
It would be the greatest ever told
Of a kind and loving Grandpa
Who had a heart of gold

I will remember all he taught me
I'm hurt but won't be sad
cuz he'll send me down the answers
And he'll always be MY GRANDDAD

Wilfred Claus Hinrichsen
02-12-1930 - 07-17-2012
a life well lived. I love you ♥

I wish peace on my entire family especially my Grandma on the day they honor my Grandpa and set him to rest for eternity.  How I wish that I could be there.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

38 Weeks!

Wow! 38 weeks already! (technically 38 weeks 4 days) I almost can't believe it....

She is still moving like crazy.  I am not quite sure if I am dropping yet or not.  I think that I felt my first braxton hicks contractions today (the ladies on babycenter helped describe them a little better and I think I have been having them - it has just felt like she has been moving).

I am getting more uncomfortable.  I haven't really been able to go outside and walk this baby out as it has been WAY too hot and humid.  I guess she will come when she is ready! (although I am getting pretty antsy to see her, hold her, love on her, see her amazing daddy with her :)

Ok little girl - your daddy and I are ready to finally meet you! 

Embracing the Camera with The Anderson Crew!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Baby Girl's Nursery Reveal

Since we finally have everything we need I thought I would post pictures of the nursery! (The only thing we are missing is her name above her crib - but that has to wait until we have her!)

So I don't have to put this on every picture - ALL of the furniture (crib, glider, dresser, shelf) is from Target - I love Target!

This used to be our office (not the greatest photos - we took when we moved in) We had two desks in opposite corners and that it pretty much it.  It isn't the biggest room.  It also had this awful wood trim and some stripes painted underneath that.  We never got around to repainting it because a) we ran out of motivation after painting the entire rest of the house and b) we knew we would be repainting when we got pregnant (even if it was 3 years after we bought our house!)

Now on to the Nursery Pictures!

This is as right as you walk into the room - changing table/dresser, glider, big yellow crayon that one of our friends won from a giant crane game.

Close up of the glider corner.  I made the Twinkle Twinkle Board and the Tissue Pom Poms

Opposite side of the room from the dresser - the crib and the Ruler Growth Chart.  The crib skirt was made by my talented mother-in-law as well as the adorable floor quilt!

Only thing that is missing is her name above her crib!

 The Minnesota Print that I found on Etsy - I made the pink mat.  There will be more picture frames around this one once we get newborn pictures taken!

This is hanging to the right of the crib - again made by my mother-in-law.  It is such a cute alphabet wall hanging!

This is the bow holder that I have on the door going into the closet.  I got it from Kohls.

And this is the closet - all filled up with diapers, wipes, some clothes, and baby stuff!

Friday, July 13, 2012

This made me laugh...

I should be working - instead I am catching up on the happenings over on Baby Center.

I found this Birth Plan HILARIOUS!

Just what I needed for a Friday that I don't want to be at work for!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Baby's Going Home Outfit

Check out Baby Girl's coming home outfit!

I am so excited about these - I made two (one in newborn size and one in 0-3 month size) because we just aren't sure how big she will be!  We both really wanted her to come home in a MN Twins outfit but everything I found was only in a 0-3 month size and just not what I was looking for.  SO instead of buying something I wasn't sure about - I made what I wanted instead!

 How I made them - I printed off the MN Twins Baseball Logo, our last name, and the number 01 on computer paper.  Cut out those pieces, took my fabric and attached the light bonding then traced everything on.  After that I cut the pieces out of the fabric, ironed them in place and sewed them on!

Next time I would probably use the heavy fabric bonding material (especially for the smaller letters in the back) as they were MUCH harder to sew then the bigger front piece.

Then I made a matching headband (rolled fabric flowers) and added a couple pearls! Depending on how much fabric I have left I think I will make her a little skirt! We shall see!

It turned out so cute!! I can't wait to see her in it! Couple more weeks yet!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Hospital Bag

Here is what we have packed for our hospital bag!

I had planned on taking a picture to show you but realized we had everything packed and didn't want to take it out just to re-pack it!

So here is the list of what we packed!
* Travel Sized Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Lotion & Hairspray
* Razor & Comb
* Chapstick
* 2 Toothbrushes that fold into themselves and a small thing of toothpaste
* Deodorant for both of us
* For Me: 2 pairs of black yoga pants, one zip up sweatshirt, two regular maternity tanks, one nursing tank, one nursing bra, a couple sports bras, socks, unders, flip-flops, headbands and hair ties
* For Hubby: I am not really sure what he packed - some clothes to make it through those couple of days
* For Baby: A couple newborn outfits, a couple 0-3 outfits and onsies, socks, mittens, hats, a swaddling blanket, her coming home outfit, and a couple headbands!
* Stuff left to pack (before we leave): Computer & charger, Camera & charger, Phones & charger, Make-up, Facewash & Snacks
* I am also thinking about making one of these Daddy Survival Kits for the husband! He has been so fantastic that I think he deserves it!

Hopefully that covers it - the hospital has a lot of stuff so we should be covered there.  And if we forget anything - we live about 3 minutes from the hospital so Dan can always head on back to pick up what we need!

We got all packed up this weekend and got the car seats installed.  Our friends that were due two weeks before us had their baby this weekend and I think that Dan realized it won't be much longer for us!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tuesday Thoughts...

My brain and thought processes are pretty random ESPECIALLY now that I am pregnant.  Almost daily my husband asks me how the heck I got to a certain thought or question.  I have a lot rolling around in my head right now so I thought I would share :)

I really really want a pedicure - the soaking of the feet, getting rid of some of the super dry skin, the leg massage, the back massagers, and a paint job that doesn't look like a 4 year old did it.  Ugh... guess that means I get to grunt and sweat to get these toes painted before baby comes!

Work.....oh work what can I say about you? I am currently training in the new girl to do part of my job.  Man oh man does that take a lot of time and patience.  And at 37 weeks pregnant when I can't sit in the same position for more than 5 minutes without my back killing me - it isn't the best situation.  I am definitely counting down the days until I have time with me, my husband, and our sweet baby girl!

I want my hair to grow out faster.

I can't believe that my dad bought us 25 boxes of diapers! Apparently KMart had a miss-print and a $20 box of diapers was marked down to $5.99.  So my dad bought us 25 - wow! Very nice gesture.  Hopefully Huggies work out for us - we have been stocking up with Pampers Swaddlers which I have heard are fantastic so I hope the Huggies are just as good.  If we don't end up liking them I am sure we can just return them OR donate them to a local daycare.

I really really want a cold meat sandwich ----- Jimmy Johns sounds fantastic right now!

(Seriously - I am DROOLING right now!)

I am getting a tiny bit annoyed (ok, maybe more than that) with people asking me "How are you feeling?" insert soft caring voice here.

I really need to get my baby girl's coming home outfits (yes 2, I made one in newborn and one in 0-3 just in case).  I have them halfway made - I just need to get some sewing done.  Procrastination is not on my side right now as I don't have much time left!  They are super cute - Dan LOVES them! He shows everyone - it is so cute!

I can not wait until I can start exercising again - I have never been this antsy to exercise in my life! This extra weight is killing me!

AND that is all I have for today.

Monday, July 9, 2012

37 Weeks!

As of last Friday - I am officially 37 weeks! Full Term Baby!

We went out and bought all the rest of the stuff that we needed so we are truly ready.  The car seats are installed, everything is washed, the hospital bag is packed - wow I think we are ready!

Baby Girl is just over 6 pounds and around 19 inches long.  We are going to the doctor weekly and I haven't had any sort of contractions yet - so I think she is staying in for a while.

It has been VERY hot the last couple weeks - unbearable to go outside so we have been staying inside in the air-conditioning (which is nice!) Hopefully it cools down some before I get too far along - that way I can go for some nice long walks to help things along.

What I am SUPER excited for is the new Nikon D3100 that we got the other day.  I am working on learning how to use it - and can't wait to take pictures of our baby girl!

Monday, July 2, 2012

July Already!?!?

It is July 2nd already.

That means this is baby girl's birth month! (Hopefully!)
I am not sure that I can wrap my head around meeting my beautiful baby girl this month!

Seriously, I can't wait.