Thursday, July 26, 2012

Awkward & Awesome Thursday!

* How much my hands, wrists and fingers hurt! I think it is from the swelling which hasn't been too bad but just enough to make it very uncomfortable.  Most nights the pain wakes me up...ready for that to be over with!
* Every single person I have seen asks me "how I am feeling" and talk about how uncomfortable that I must be.... yes I am uncomfortable and you pointing it out doesn't make it any better! It is like when someone says "Your grumpy today..." that always seems to make me even more grumpy.
* My maternity clothes that just aren't fitting anymore! Hope nobody minds looking at the bottom of my belly!

* Being in the final weeks (hopefully only week!) and being that much closer to meeting our beautiful baby girl!
* Being so close to loosing this extra weight! It has seriously taken a toll on my hips and knees.  I don't think I am made to be this heavy! Can't wait to do normal things again - like bend over and work out!
* How loving my husband is the past couple weeks... he is so excited to meet his daughter.  I love it SO MUCH! He is going to be a fantastic dad and I can't wait for that to happen for him (and for me to by a mommy!)

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