Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Hospital Bag

Here is what we have packed for our hospital bag!

I had planned on taking a picture to show you but realized we had everything packed and didn't want to take it out just to re-pack it!

So here is the list of what we packed!
* Travel Sized Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Lotion & Hairspray
* Razor & Comb
* Chapstick
* 2 Toothbrushes that fold into themselves and a small thing of toothpaste
* Deodorant for both of us
* For Me: 2 pairs of black yoga pants, one zip up sweatshirt, two regular maternity tanks, one nursing tank, one nursing bra, a couple sports bras, socks, unders, flip-flops, headbands and hair ties
* For Hubby: I am not really sure what he packed - some clothes to make it through those couple of days
* For Baby: A couple newborn outfits, a couple 0-3 outfits and onsies, socks, mittens, hats, a swaddling blanket, her coming home outfit, and a couple headbands!
* Stuff left to pack (before we leave): Computer & charger, Camera & charger, Phones & charger, Make-up, Facewash & Snacks
* I am also thinking about making one of these Daddy Survival Kits for the husband! He has been so fantastic that I think he deserves it!

Hopefully that covers it - the hospital has a lot of stuff so we should be covered there.  And if we forget anything - we live about 3 minutes from the hospital so Dan can always head on back to pick up what we need!

We got all packed up this weekend and got the car seats installed.  Our friends that were due two weeks before us had their baby this weekend and I think that Dan realized it won't be much longer for us!

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