Friday, July 19, 2013

11 Month Update!

Olivia turned 11 months old about 2 weeks ago - and here is the update finally!

Last month was a big one for little Olivia!

She started standing for longer periods of time and started standing up from nothing (instead of using the edge of the couch or table). 

She loves playing the game "chase" where Mommy or Daddy crawl around and try to get her!

She started walking!

She started talking more.... saying DaDa, MaMa and a bunch of other sounds which are equally adorable!

Can point things out (literally, she loves pointing!)  If you ask her where the fan or light is, she will look and point.

Is over eating any sort of baby food.  New favorite foods include: Avocado, Tomatoes, Lunch Meat, Hot Dogs, Chicken, Pizza and any sort of Fruit. She does well with veggies also which is great. Her new favorite game is feed Mommy or Daddy (whoever is feeding her at the time).  She will grab a green bean off her tray and offer it to us. Depending on what it is and how smashed it is I will sometimes eat it - kind of gross but she loves it!

She is weighing in at a cool 22 pounds and is wearing some 12 month clothes - but is mainly in 18 month now. 

She is such a joy.  I love watching her grow - it is seriously the best!


  1. So cute! I am so nervous about my little one crawling/walking phase but I am REALLY nervous about her eating non pureed food. I am terrified of her choking!

    1. I was actually very excited when she started walking! She fell so much before she found her balance - I was pumped when she stopped falling! I was nervous to start with non-pureed foods but I started with the super soft stuff and the melt in your mouth puffs. Everything I gave her I tried first to make sure it was ok. I feel like I hold her back a bit on foods. I am still nervous about the choking and cut her food into very small pieces - she just shoves more in her mouth then! My best advice would be to trust your instincts and trust your baby - you both know what you are doing!