Friday, December 27, 2013

DIY String Art Christmas Gift

For our extended family Christmas we always do a gift exchange for the adults.  This years theme was "home-made/craft".  So I hopped on Pinterest and found a few ideas for Dan and I!

I had been seeing the string art all over the place and thought that it might be fun to try one of those...

 I went with a Minnesota Vikings one because this gift was from my husband....he loves it!

I printed off the Vikings logo on an 11x17 sheet and cut my board to 11x17 as well.  I had some leftover purple paint from when we painted our bathroom purple (then painted it a less obnoxious color!) My husband had a load of regular nails that we used and I bought some white string at Walmart.  So overall, pretty cheap project!

I painted the board and let it dry a day or two, then we taped the logo down and my husband did all the nailing! If you are doing this - make sure to take pictures before you pull the paper up.  It was seriously a life saver!  Then I did two layers of a string outline. I was originally going to do the crazy string for all the letters but they were too close and you wouldn't be able to see what it said to outline it was!

I think it turned out great! Dan actually stole this back in our gift exchange so it is ours (and now we don't have to make another one!)

Our other gift was Yard Dice which were pretty awesome! I forgot to take pictures of those but my Sister-in-law got those so maybe in the future you will see them!

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