Tuesday, August 21, 2012

In LOVE!!!

So in love with this little peanut!

So far adjusting to motherhood has been great! She has been sleeping fabulously and is really easy to calm down.  She does get a bit fussy (I think it has to do with gas - so I cut out cows milk and that seems to be helping) but not bad at all.  She is awake a lot more during the day and her facial expressions are fantastic! I love just watching her sleep to catch the random smiles (and I swear I heard her laugh).  Dan goes back to work this week so we will see how it goes with just Olivia and I - I am sure it will be fine though.

I can't believe how fast my maternity leave is going so far (the end of this week marks 3 weeks and I am taking ten).  We have been so busy, the days just fly by.  We have also been interviewing home daycare's which we hope to be finding one soon.  We are signed up for a local center and have been since we found out we were pregnant.  BUT we don't think we are going to go that route because it is DOUBLE the price of a home daycare.  In our down there are only 2 centers and both their prices are up there it is ridiculous.  We plan on starting with a home daycare and when Olivia gets a bit older we want to transition her to the center because of the great programs and curriculum they have.

Other than that - daytime tv isn't great.  We were pretty spoiled with the Olympics.  When we were in the hospital that is all we watched as well as the first week at home. But if that is all I can complain about - oh well!

Now for some pictures!

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