Monday, September 23, 2013


Today is Monday. 

A day where I wake up and feel like I need to sleep for another week.

A day where I get to work and feel like I have been gone on vacation, but instead just gone for the weekend.

A day when I can get lost in the 'ugh it's Monday' feelings.

Today I have decided to embrace Monday. 

A day to enjoy one of the first days of Fall.

A day to enjoy the cool crisp air and the Pumpkin Spice Latte in my hand.

A day to gather with my family and watch a kick ball game.

Today is the day where I start looking to the positives instead of the negatives.  Who cares if laundry gets done or the lawn gets mowed? Instead we get to spend time together, enjoying the weather, playing outdoors, and feeding the ducks.  Today is the day where I take a deep breath, relax my body and mind and enjoy the now. 

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  1. Great perspective and reminder to look at the positives instead of the negatives...thanks...I needed this today!