Friday, September 27, 2013

Teething Sucks...

The last two weeks we have been dealing with some major teething pain.  Olivia is currently cutting 4 teeth - and not the little easy ones either.  Of course, the start of the big teeth farther back in her mouth.  One has actually cut through.  The other three are just huge bumps. 

The nights are the worst - she tosses and turns and can't get comfortable.  Then come the painful moans.  Seriously makes my heart hurt.  Tylenol and Orajel don't seem to work at masking her pain. 

When she was born I used to joke about how funny it would be if she was born with a mouth full of teeth. Last night I mentioned it to the husband and we both agreed that it would have been awesome. 

A little weird, but totally awesome.

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  1. I am in the same boat Mama! I just got my 1 y/o to sleep thru the night and now her molars are coming in! Hang in there! :)