Thursday, November 7, 2013

13, 14 & 15 Month Update!

I can't believe my little girl (girl - not baby!) is 15 months old!
I feel like we just had her birthday party.  It's amazing how many things have changed in the last three months.
* She has way more hair - Pigtails, yes please!
* She has 9 teeth! Top 4, Bottom 4 & one of her first molars on the top - with the other three really close to popping through.
* She has her own preferences and likes.  Especially when we are reading books.  She wants to pick out which ones she wants you to read.  Even if that means reading 'If You Give A Dog a Doughnut' 17 times.
* She has gotten into a GREAT sleeping routine.  We read and drink our milk, then rock for a few minutes to calm down, then I lay her in her crib awake and leave the room.  Here is the kicker - she goes to sleep all by herself! I thought I would miss rocking her to sleep - and I do, but I do love the extra time.
* She loves playing Ring Around the Rosey and always falls down way before she is supposed to.
* We have her in swimming lessons again and she is just a little fish - LOVES the water!
* She runs everywhere... which is adorable because her little legs go all over the place so she falls over a lot.
* She loves animals! She used to be afraid of dogs but lately she can't get enough of them.  She still loves birds and cats and enjoys going to see the animals and fish at Cabella's.
* She is a great eater.  Some of her favorite foods are: cottage cheese, tomatoes, FRUIT, mac & cheese, chili, crepes, pancakes, pasta - pretty much everything except veggies.  She really only likes peas, not a whole lot else.  She loves dipping things, her hamburger in ketchup and her pancakes in syrup.
* She can say a few words now - her vocabulary is growing by the week! Some words she can say are: owl, hot, hi, mama, dada, and apple.  I am sure there are more that we just don't understand yet!
She is just a joy, so happy all the time.  She has the best facial expressions and her laugh is so contagious.  She is truly a blessing.  Love that little girl!

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