Monday, November 18, 2013

The time when...

I realized Olivia is no longer a baby!

Yesterday we were playing and reading some books.  She saw a cough drop wrapper on the floor in the kitchen.  She wandered over, picked up the wrapper, went straight to the garbage can (which has a foot pedal opener), opened it with her little foot and threw the wrapper away!


First of all, she has never opened the garbage before especially with her foot.  And how did she know that it was garbage? Totally blew my mind last night!

Seriously - I pleaded with her this morning telling her to stay a baby forever.... 

 Reading by herself...
Already taking money out of Daddy's wallet!


  1. So cute! Carter has been doing this too, but then he takes something OUT of the trash can so not so cute! Lol!! I forgot- how old is she? I think they are around the same age?!?! (15 months)? Thanks for linking up with Time for Mom!

    1. Yes - she does that with our bathroom trash can! Gross! She is about 15 1/2 months old now - such a fun age!