Thursday, February 13, 2014

How we got rid of the Pacifier....

Olivia loved her pacifier from day 4...

Seriously, loves it.  Needless to say I have been DREADING taking it away from her.  Especially since we had been in such a great sleep routine...

So on a weekend Dan was going to be gone fishing, I decided this was the weekend.  Just me and Olivia - and no pacifier (what the heck was I thinking!).   

So I just went with it... I found every last pacifier and threw them away.  I kept one of the pacifiers with the stuffed animal attached and gave that to her - with the top cut off so it didn't work anymore.  She took one suck and gave me the dirtiest look I have seen from her.  She was not impressed. We had gone to Target and picked out some new stuffed animals and a baby so she could sleep with those instead of the paci. She didn't seem to care about those at all...if only it were that easy!

The first night was the worst and she ended up sleeping with me for a majority of it.   She didn't seem to be looking for a pacifier she just couldn't sooth herself I think.

The second night was better - she stayed in her crib almost the whole night.  Still up quite a few times.  Third night about the same.  It didn't help that when we went to her 18 month appointment we found out that she had an ear infection.  After she got on some antibiotics she slept so much better!

It's been a journey and we are still working on getting into a better sleep routine - but we are well on our way - WITHOUT the pacifier! Yay!

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