Friday, January 3, 2014

2014: Be Present

2013 was a great year....there were so many milestones with Olivia, we had an abundance of lake time and time at the cabin, we enjoyed so much time with friends and family... That's going to be pretty hard to top this year!

We do have some big things happening in 2014 and I am so excited! We have a date night planned to go to a Minnesota Timberwolves game (my first!), a week long camping/canoeing trip to the Boundary Waters, Olivia will be two!, we are going to continue with swimming lessons and enroll her in a tumbling tots gymnastic class, and so many of my friends are going to be having babies!

With all that said I do have a few things I want to concentrate on for 2014:

The main goal is to always be present.
I want to be present in actions, conversations, my marriage and especially with my daughter.

Sometimes I find myself not paying attention to her or being caught up with something to sit down and color with her.  THIS CHANGES NOW! I want to be there for her, creating memories, helping her grow and develop and to take in all of her innocent excitement for everything.  

My second goal is to be fit and strong for our canoe trip - kind of the usual but I need to be accountable... it is important that I be able to hold my own on this trip, I don't want to be the weak link!

What about you? Have you chosen one word to focus on for 2014? Do you have a resolution or goal? I’d love to hear about it! Share you thoughts!


  1. Loved reading this! Sounds like a perfect way to live 2014. Xoxo.

  2. I, like you, feel convicted in being more present in my marriage. Thanks so much for sharing! I found you at the Time for Mom link-up, and I'm excited to look around some more :) ~Jenna

  3. These are some great goals for 2014! I hope that you achieve them both this year.

    Thanks so much for sharing on Turn It Up Tuesday! We love having you! :)

  4. Thanks for joining us at Time For Mom last week! Hope to see you there today! These quote images are perfect for reflection and thinking about the new year. Good luck with your goals.