Wednesday, October 3, 2012

2 Month Update

I can't believe my little pumpkin head is already 2 months old! It is really amazing how fast this is going compared to how slowly the weeks went when I was pregnant.

Anyway.... here is our 2 month update!

Olivia is really smiling now! Before we really had to work at getting her to smile and now she is doing it all the time.  She is especially smiley in the mornings!

She LOVES sitting up and being upright.  She has been hanging out in her Bumbo and is improving significantly.  It is crazy how just a week ago she was still pretty wobbly and now she is much better!

She rolled over for the first time a couple days ago! From her tummy to her back - and she did it twice.  I was on the floor looking through the camera viewfinder and all of a sudden there she goes! I was so surprised that I didn't even take a picture.  I set her back up on her stomach and she did it again (this time I got the action shots!).

I packed up some of the clothes she no longer fits into (sad).  I have a huge tub that I have been putting clothes into and it is about half way full now.  But in other news I organized her drawers and clothes so she is all set for fall!

We are working on getting a schedule down so we aren't so crazy when we go to daycare.  So far it has been going pretty well.

Other than that she has been sleeping great - she goes 4-5 hour chunks at night so I am only waking up with her once.  She rarely cries.  She loves her Mommy and Daddy and we love her!

Seriously.... being a mommy is the best thing in the world.

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