Thursday, October 18, 2012

Back at it...

I am officially back to work which is super sad but at the same time it is good (if that makes sense at all...)
I hate leaving my little peanut at daycare - I would much rather be the one receiving all her baby smiles all day.  Nope, our awesome daycare lady gets them all!  So back to work.... it's like riding a bike.  Seriously! It feels like I never even left which is pretty weird.

My workload isn't completely full yet so I have been browsing pinterest (of course!)

Ok - I know it is only the middle of October but I keep finding myself checking out Christmas stuff! WHAT!? I think with a little one in our family I just can't wait and want to make it super special.  AND I am excited to take some pictures of her for our holiday card - with ideas I found off of pinterest.

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