Friday, October 19, 2012

Really? Who does that?

So woke up this morning and noticed that there was a pumpkin in the street right by our house.  So I meander over to clean it up off the street and notice that it is our pumpkin!

We had three little pumpkins that the in-laws grew in their garden and a bigger one that we were going to carve for Olivia. 

So I take a glance up at the door steps where they are and someone had decided to smash our two big pumpkins all over our front steps.

REALLY? Even when I was younger we never did that, and we did some questionable things.  What makes a person think that smashing other people's pumpkins is ok?

I am glad that Olivia is just a small tatertot and doesn't care.  I can imagine as they get older and they have their own pumpkin and if it got smashed they would be upset. I know I would be.

Moral of the story.....don't smash other people's pumpkins.  Not cool.

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  1. Oh, that stinks..

    Stopping by from Wiegands. Love for you to stop by and return the follow ;)