Wednesday, October 24, 2012

DIY Snowman Decor

I know it is kind of early for Christmas stuff - but my work had a 'crafty' fair that 
I went to so I needed to make some stuff! 

I saw this idea on Pinterest and decided to re-create!

Here are the supplies: 
Muffin Tin - 6 count (2.99 at Walmart)
Spray Paint
Regular Paint
Paint Pen
Hot Glue Gun (Not Pictured)

Step 1: Spray Paint the muffin tins red

Step 2: Get your white paint out and paint the circles white!

Step 3: Decorate! I hot glued the nose shape and painted orange over top.  The eyes and mouth are just painted on with black paint.  The rosy red checks are sponged on with a circle sponge.  I used the paint pen to write "Let it Snow" and to draw little snowflakes all over.  Then I watered down some white paint, dipped a paint brush and shook it over the entire thing to make it look like snow!

Step 4: Add a ribbon and you are set! Such a fun decoration for the holidays!

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