Tuesday, March 5, 2013

7 Month Update!

My little girl is 7 months already.  What.The.Heck.  This is not possible! She was just born!

7 Things About 7 Months: 

1.  She is officially a crawler! Into everything - goes everywhere.  We are going to have our hands full.  When she gets focused on one thing - you cannot change her mind about it!

2. She LOVES eating! Not so much her bottle but food and puffs she loves! She also loves drinking a little water our of her sippy cup.

3. She thinks her mom and dad are hilarious! Maybe it's all the jumping around we do with silly faces just to make her laugh.  I sometimes wonder what someone looking in from the street would think that I am doing (since they probably wouldn't be able to see the baby!)

4. She is SO squirmy when I am changing her diaper.  I always have to give her like 3 things to grab just so I can get the diaper on otherwise she is trying to flip over and play!

5.  She loves looking at herself in the mirror and in pictures.  I have a picture of her for the background of my phone and every time I show it to her she smiles and laughs.

6.  Not sure what it is about phones and remote controls (and my water bottle) but she likes them more then her fun toys!

7.  She gives the best kisses and hugs.  She gets pretty cuddly after a nap.  She loves when I shake my ponytail in her face and when I blow on her hair.  All around, she thinks I am pretty darn funny (which is true!). 

Love this little girl! 

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  1. Aww they are so much fun at this age aren't they! I love all the smiles and giggles!! She is adorable! Xx

    1. Thanks Aanika! So much fun - I just love watching her and making her smile!