Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bluum Box for Baby

I have seen this around and thought I would try it out for month to see how we liked it.

While the delivery was pushed back almost an entire month - I did enjoy receiving the box in the mail.  I LOVE getting mail, especially fun baby stuff! I received their 'baby box' which included:

* A fun baby toy that Olivia loves
* Small container of baby safe dish liquid
* Baby lip balm with sunscreen
* Soy nut mix - for mom!
* Small tube of Udderly Smooth Udder Cream
* Sample of Tender Defender
* 2 corresponding coupons

While I love the idea of getting a mystery box of goodies picked out for Olivia at her specific age, I am not sure if this is the ticket for me.  They are getting bigger boxes for the baby's which is a plus - and will be offering more full sized products.  I think the price on the new boxes is $25 - which may be a little spendy for my tastes, especially when I might only use half of what is in there. 

Any suggestions on any other services that are awesome and don't cost too much?!

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