Wednesday, March 13, 2013

On Disappointment...

This is a hard post for me to write.  I have been going back and forth, wondering if I should even write this at all.

This is a place where I can capture my feelings/emotions/daily happenings.  If I can't put it here where can I put it? I have a really hard time even talking about it and most of the time choose to ignore it because it is easier.

I don't want to get to in-depth, but I just need to get it off my chest.  

Dear __________,
I am so so disappointed that you have made absolutely no effort to see and meet my child. I have given you options and offered to pay for your gas.  She is seven and a half months old and you have made zero effort to get to know her.  What role do you expect to play in her life?
I know she is still very little and doesn't know any different right now, but how am I going to explain to her who you are and why you don't seem to care.  What hurts most is that in the end, she will be the one wondering why and what she could do better. You are the one missing out on knowing and watching a beautiful little girl grow and develop.  Living through pictures on Facebook isn't going to help you know her sweet laugh and giggle, the smile she gets when she sees someone she knows, the face she makes when she blows bubbles with her spit. Maybe this will all change. Who knows. I sure hope so. I know a little girl who would really love to meet you.


  1. Cheer up. That is what blogging is for and for some it is a release. Your little one is gorgeous and has mom. Though thins may get hard keep faith and just look at her wonderful face for a pick me up. You got it!