Monday, March 4, 2013

Now that she can move.....

Toys are everywhere! This is our house now.  No more walking into the living room half asleep without the light on or you will step on a rock hard block or a clear round ball.  We probably should have bought her some softer toys!
I really don't mind having baby toys everywhere.  This is now her house and we are here to help her develop, learn and grow.  What better way then bright exciting baby toys!

My most favorite thing right now is watching her daddy read to her. I love the interaction between them and love how she looks and studies the pages of the books.  So great!

She is all over the place now and loves visiting me in the bathroom (while I am getting ready!) I am pretty sure I will never have alone time again.

She is also pulling herself up on everything.  She is growing up way to darn fast.
She just learned how to wave and is doing it in this picture - the cuteness seriously kills me!

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