Tuesday, June 4, 2013

10 Month Update!

My little girl is 10 months old! Holy Crap! That flew by!

Here are some 10 month stats:

* She weighs a good 20 pounds is wearing 18 month shirts (12 month are just way too short!) and 12 month pants.  We may be graduating up a size in jammers too! The girl is LONG!

* She is standing on her own and will stand for quite a while before losing her balance!

* She has two very sharp teeth! And I am pretty sure the only person she bites is me... she will grab my finger and shove it in her mouth, but she doesn't do it to daddy.

* Her hair is finally long enough on the top to put it in the cutest ponytail ever! So adorable!

* She still thinks her daddy is hilarious, which he loves! (and I love watching the two together!)

* She is still a very good eater.  I think she has started weening herself off the bottle.  She drinks her milk in sippy cups at daycare and hardly takes a bottle at home.  I guess it is good that she never got super attached to the bottle, easier to take away!

Overall, she is a FANTASTIC baby.  Sleeps well, loves playing, can entertain herself, so happy.  We couldn't ask for more......

WELL maybe she could sit a little more still for pictures! It would make my life easier!

Here are some outtakes! The girl is all over the place!

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  1. SO cute! I have two boys (3yrs. and 1yr.) and I also wonder how they keep growing up so fast. I love it though!!!


    p.s. found you on casey's blog.