Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Lake Weekend

We headed up to the Cabin this last weekend and on the way we drove into this beautiful Minnesota sunset....

Dan and his dad spent some time doing some winterizing stuff at the cabin...cleaning out the garden, taking the screens out, planting blueberry bushes, cutting down plants, etc.  

They stayed busy while Olivia, my mother-in-law and myself got some major playing done inside!

Every time we are at the cabin Dan's dad makes crepes which are always AMAZING! Usually I just give Olivia a plain crepe for breakfast.  This time I gave her a blueberry banana crepe and she loved it!  
Olivia loves being at the cabin.  The first morning we were there she slept until 8:30am! Which means I slept until 8:30am! Holy Cow. That. Never. Happens.  I totally took advantage!  

I love our weekends at the Lake!

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