Thursday, October 10, 2013

Who needs toys...

One of Olivia's FAVORITE things to do is play with the gourds that we have on the front step.... as soon as we go outside to play she runs straight for the steps!

Last night she was having fun carrying them around and throwing them on the grass.  Once she gets something in her head, that is all she wants to do... She did not want to go inside to get ready for bed - she wanted to keep playing!



  1. The beauty of this post is not only the fun she is having, but the lesson to parents (and grandparents!) that more toys ≠ more joy. In fact, often the opposite as Mom and Dad try to store all the toys. Great post, and precious photos! (Stopping in from the Blog Hop)

    1. Totally agree on the toy thing - we have SO many that she only plays with for minutes, but she will spend a good half hour playing with those gourds! Thanks for stopping by!