Thursday, June 7, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

* How weird my ankles look after sitting all day in the heat...YUCK!
It is also kind of painful! That can go away soon....
* How noticeable my baby belly now is.  And how many people stare at it....
* Walking into HyVee and a guy randomly coming up to me saying that he has a boy that just turned 12 years old.  This would be fine but I didn't realize he was talking to me - so it took me a while to answer back.... it was his boys birthday that day - then he congratulated me....a little awkward for sure!

* Getting an awesome baby gift basket from my Exchange Club group! Seriously - they are so awesome!
* First baby shower tonight and second baby shower on Saturday - what a great weekend!
* My weeks finally slowing down a bit - I have been bogged down with meetings, appointments, baby showers (!), etc.  I was running around with my head cut off - which will all be ending soon! Thank goodness!
* Dreaming about what we would purchase if we ever won the lottery....that always makes me happy :)

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