Thursday, June 21, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

* Trying to get to the microwave at work and totally hitting one of the girls I work with in the head with the belly.  I can't even control it anymore - I run into EVERYTHING!
* The pouring rain yesterday.  And I mean POURING.  Enter pregnant me trying to run to my car after work as to not get too wet.  Well, that didn't happen.  I was soaked.  And I am sure I looked pretty graceful running like a crazy woman through the parking lot.  You would think that umbrella I bought years ago would make it to work with me on days like that.  Nope, in my closet it sits!
* This one is more awkward for the lady on the tv for the EAS tornado warning that popped up.  She started talking about what the warning was like usually and she messed up a bit then said "Oh Crap!" and started laughing.  No more words were said after that so we didn't fully get the message but I laughed for quite some time after that!
* How swollen my fingers are - it hurts to bend them.  Forget about writing things down - that is difficult!

(A throwback picture from about 5 years ago!)

* FINALLY going grocery shopping after not having food in the house forever.  Seriously - I felt like I was going to die if I didn't eat fruit within the next day.  It was bad.  AND we were out of cereal - that is my go-to meal!
* Having a weekend to myself! I am so excited.  Plans are to go garage sale-ing, make baby girl some headbands (I will post!), re-arranging babies closet so we can fit all the boxes of diapers that I keep ordering in there, relaxing on the deck with some lemonade - life is good!
* Being even closer to meeting our baby girl! 35 Weeks - only 5 left!

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