Thursday, June 28, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

* How much I am over being at work....come on baby! I know I still have 4 weeks left but it is really hard to concentrate when I can only sit in one position for about 5 minutes before having to switch b/c of this awesome back pain.
* Bringing my pillow to work (to help with my back).  It probably looked a little weird walking across the parking lot with a pillow tucked under my arm! But hey - if I need to take a nap I will be prepared!
* Boo... swollen fingers.
* How excited I am to go on maternity leave ---- it will be a much needed vacation from work!

* Getting all the baby clothes washed and put away! AND getting the closet organized!
* How cute baby headbands are.... I could just keep on making them - even after I have plenty!
* Watermelon....enough said!
* The Olympics --- DURING my maternity leave! Dan is so jealous!
* Having less than 30 days until we meet our beautiful baby girl!

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