Monday, June 4, 2012

Lake Weekend...Update

I haven't had time to get any of the pictures I took this weekend downloaded on my computer so those will come later!

As for my experiment..... it seems they like the sour gummys better!

I tried using the regular kind (which were really thick) when we were out on the lake fishing but as soon as they hit the water they got hard as a rock.  I didn't even get a nibble on those.  So the next morning Dan and I went out to the dock and I put a sour gummy chunk on the end of my line.  I could see through the water and the fish were trying to eat it but the piece was just too big - they couldn't get the hook in their mouth.  So I made it MUCH smaller and dropped it in and caught a Rock Bass!

I wouldn't say that this is a great way to catch fish because it definitely wasn't - I caught way more on a regular old night crawler then the gummy worms.  But it was fun to try and the gummys were fun to eat!

So there you have it! Sour gummys beat out the regular gummys (but not by much!)

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