Friday, January 4, 2013

5 Month Update!

My baby girl is getting so big! The past 5 months have just FLOWN by - I can hardly believe it!

Here are 5 things about 5 months!

1.  Olivia is sitting on her own so well! She loves just sitting and playing.  She will sit and bend over to reach for a toy and bring herself back upright.

2.  She is still rolling over from her back to her front only. She has rolled accidentally a few times from her front to her back - she is trying really hard I think she will be doing it soon!  When she is on her tummy she is either pushing her whole body up or doing the superman with her arms and legs back and her head up!  She has starting getting up on her hands and knees and starts rocking back and forth.  A couple times she has pushed herself forward but most of the time she is scooting backwards.  She can move!

3.  We started her on baby food! She has been eating baby oatmeal which she likes and eats really well.  The other day we started her on sweet potatoes.  She had a confused look on her face for the first bite but after that - she looked like she really enjoyed it! She ate everything I gave her!

4.  Everything (and I mean everything!) goes straight in her mouth! The other day I had a cookie in my hand which she grabbed away from me and she stuck it in her mouth like she knew what she was doing! My little cookie monster! She grabs for everything and is great at picking up her toys and transferring them between her little hands.

5.  My most favorite thing right now is waking her up in the morning.  She usually likes to sleep in until about 8 but during the week I have to get her off to Daycare at 7 so we wake up about 6:30.  It is so hard for her to wake up  - she stretches and keeps her eyes closed for so long while I am getting her ready.  My favorite thing is while she is waking up, and still has her eyes closed, I give her kisses on her cheeks and on her belly and she smiles every time! It is so cute - then when she wakes up and opens her eyes she has the biggest smiles for me! Love her!


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