Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Settle Down Mom...

Miss Olivia Mae had her 6 month doctor's appointment the other day and she is doing awesome! She is in the 68-80% for height, weight and head size!

The doctor confirmed that she was doing what she was supposed to and then she asked if she had been 'talking' at all.  She hadn't made a noise the entire time we were there (except when she got that second shot - then she screamed!).  When her Dad and I thought back she really hadn't been talking as much as she did a while ago. 

So of course as soon as the doctor leaves, we discuss.  "Do you think something is wrong with her?" "Why hasn't she been talking?" "Do you think it has something to do with her hearing?" (she didn't pass her newborn screening - but did pass with the specialist appointment).

Worry ensues.

Olivia to the rescue!

Seriously, the next day and every day since then she is talking and making cute little noises.  It's like she knew we were worried and decided "Don't worry I've got this!".

Love that little girl!

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