Monday, May 13, 2013

9 Month Update!

Olivia is 9 months old!

It is hard to believe how much she has grown in the past 9 months.  She was so tiny!

At 9 months old she weighs 19.6 pounds and is in the 76 percentile for her height.  She is (and has been) in her big girl car seat and LOVES it! She can see out the windows and has so much more room. 

She is still standing up on everything and is quite daring when it comes to just letting go and standing there!

She loves 'beeping' people's noses, clapping, waving, getting tickled and not sitting still when getting her diaper changed! She is definitely on the move all the time!

She has TWO teeth! Both on the bottom and they are pretty darn sharp.

She can do "So Big!" and claps her hands afterward - the cutest thing ever!

She can still be a snuggle bug if she is in the mood - but when she is not... watch out! When she doesn't want to be held she will let you know!

She is still eating very well - mostly baby food with real food mixed in.  Loves apples and cheerios and lunch meat and well pretty much everything!

Love this little girl so much! She is such a blessing!


  1. What a sweet baby girl!! Love that outfit from her one month picture. I'm a new grandma and my granddaughter is about to turn 6 months old. They change SO much don't they. Your Olivia is definitely precious. I found your blog via the Monday Mingle and I will definitely subscribe. Great to meet you!!

    Penny from Mom Rants and Comfy Pants

    1. Thanks for stopping by! They do change so fast - I never believed it until I had her!

  2. So cute! I am posting Carters 9 month update tomorrow! :) He has two teeth, too! When you give her the apples do you cook them a little bit first? Or can she eat them regular? I am so nervous about that!

    1. I have been giving her the Gerber Graduates Diced Apples. I wanted to see if she would like them first. I will start giving her actual apples here soon. The first time I will probably cook them a bit first to soften them up. She is pretty good with all foods so I am sure she will be fine if I just cut them up into smaller pieces and mush them a little with my fingers! Don't worry about being nervous! I still am - her daycare feeds her way more types of food then I do!

  3. PS- I do a hop on Mondays called Mommy Mondays! I'd love to have you link up with us! :)

    1. Will do - thanks for stopping by Rachel!

  4. She is so beautiful- what a proud momma you must be! :)

    New follower of yours via GFC- met you through the Let's Be Friends Blog Hop! Thanks for linking up I am so happy we are connected! Hope you can follow back:).


    1. I am a proud mama! Thanks for visiting! I will definitely be following - Love you new runner tips!

  5. Shes gorgeous! Im following you through the bloghop! :) looking forward to reading more!

  6. SO incredibly adorable!!! Thanks for spreading the LOVE around with us on Showin' Some Love Hump Day Blog Hop!! :)
    Already following you!

    <3 Amanda*

  7. She's adorable!!! Thanks for linking up for WW :))


  8. Wow, she is getting so big. So adorable.
    Thanks for stopping by Tots and Me and sharing!

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    1. I think so - but I may be bias! Thanks for stopping by!

  10. I love these update posts. That's how I started out blogging as it was a way for family and friends to stay in touch. Kids grow up so fast don't they! It seems like you have a super easy kid that loves to smile. You're so fortunate.

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    Looking forward to connecting further.

    Besos, Sarah
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