Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend on the Lake

We spent Memorial Day weekend at the lake this year (as we almost always do!)

It was a bit chillier than years past... never warming up past sixty degrees and it hardly stopped raining. 

Didn't stop up from having a great weekend though! Got the boat lift and dock in, the husband went for his first (freezing cold) ski of the year, and some quality playing with the baby!

A picture recap of the weekend....

The lake.
 Dan and his Dad putting the dock in.
Boat lift time! Notice the wetsuits on May 26th - the water was very cold! 
 Skiing time!
Only boat on the lake.
Olivia's favorite new game - throw the blanket over her head and play Peak-a-boo!
There she is!

Happy Memorial Day - Let us never forget the men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice!

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  1. Looks like it was a bit warmer where you are. Normally it's summery here this time of year, but this year it was cool and rainy most of the weekend.

    Thanks for linking up for WW :)