Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The best age is.......

Can you believe that it is already the end of April? The past 9 months have gone SO quickly!

Every different age I can't help but think.... This has got to be the best age ever!

When she was an newborn - I loved every single minute.  How tiny she was, how she was mine, the bond with breastfeeding, how she grasped my finger and slept on my chest.

When she was a couple months old - watching her take everything in, her first smiles and giggles, learning to move!

When she was six months old - watching her explore new foods, crawling, really playing and having favorite toys, learning her ticklish spots and getting those giant laughs from her!

And now, almost 9 months old - watching her zoom up the stairs like she has been doing it all her life, big hugs and wet kisses, listening to her 'talk', how she yells at me when I don't get her her water fast enough, how she points at everything now, her giant smile every time she sees me, how she loves every single picture of herself.

I could go on and on.   This little girl has my whole heart and I really never knew what that felt like until she came along. She is so inquisitive, loving, happy and playful.  I love the crap out of this baby.

When we talk of future kids my husband has said that he just doesn't know if we should have anymore.  We had always planned on it but his new reasoning is that he doesn't think that he could love another child as much as he loves Olivia.  I know we are both first time parents and every parent must feel this, but I kind of feel the same way right now! I know that we will be able to love another child just as much and I keep telling him that.  We don't need to worry about it right now, we have time.

I am just so happy that we got this happy little girl.  She is my world.


  1. You're killing me here with the cuteness! She must be an awesome cuddle bug. And yeah, it was hard to think of having a second after falling hopelessly in love with the first, but trust me, your heart really does grow!
    Forgot to say on the other post, got here from the Happy Kids Bloglovin' hop. Glad I did!

    1. Thanks Melissa! When she is in the mood she can totally be a cuddle bug! Glad you stopped by!

  2. She's beautiful! It's hard for me to imagine what having another baby would be like too. I just love my boy so much!
    Got here from the Friday Aloha blog hop!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Your little guy is adorable!

  3. She is so cute! It is true every age is amazing. They change so much especially in the first year. My LO is 6 months today and the time flew. But I totally want another baby and my husband and I talk about how we can see people having baby after baby because they grow out of the newborn/infant stage so quickly and you start to miss it! Stopping by from the Fun Friday Blog Hop