Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Our trip to South Dakota...

We spent this last weekend visiting family out in South Dakota. 

I was super nervous about having Olivia in the car for 10 hours.  We decided to try it two ways.  On the way out we left at about noon on Friday.  Most of the drive was spent awake, happy and playing.  We stopped a couple times to get out and stretch our legs and to eat dinner.  She took two hour naps randomly in the car which was great.  I was so happy with how she did! She hardly fussed at all!

On the way back we left right after dinner.  Our plan was to feed her, play with her for a couple hours then she would go down for sleep the rest of the trip.  That is mostly how it went... She slept for a majority of the trip, she woke up at about 1am for about an hour.  We played, drank a bottle, read some books then she was out again.  The way back went equally as well as the way out.

The next time we go out we will probably do it the same way.  We took Monday off to catch up on sleep and laundry and took the baby to daycare.  By having her sleep the entire drive home at night, she stayed more on her normal schedule then she would have if we traveled during the day.  She was a little off at daycare today - very clingy.  When she got home she was a bit off too.  Whenever I left the room she would she would have a break down.  Hopefully she is better tomorrow!

Overall the trip went great! It was so good to see my family and to meet my newest nephew.  The only bad thing is that I didn't take ANY pictures! That is so unlike me, I can hardly believe it.   Next time I guess. 

Olivia's 9 Month Photos taken by Christy Bode Photography


  1. We are leaving the weekend of June 14th to head to SD! Can't wait! I have been years ago - but this will be hubby's first. Olive is just precious! glad she did well.

    1. Hope you have a fantastic trip out to South Dakota! Should be a lot nicer in June, but not super hot yet!