Wednesday, May 30, 2012

31 Weeks!

I can't believe it has already been 31 weeks.   The first 12 seemed like it took FOREVER and now it seems like just yesterday we were stressing and praying for a healthy baby.  I know the last ten will probably be the hardest physically - so far I have been feeling great (except a bit of back and hip pain).

I have seen people doing the weekly pregnancy survey - but it would stay the same most weeks! I have had no cravings at all... which is crazy! I have had a very normal pregnancy which I am VERY blessed for.

Baby Girl -

You are growing so big!

I cannot wait to see you.  I cannot wait to hold you.  I feel you moving inside me all the time and I just wonder what you'll be like.  Will you be blonde or will you come out with dark hair? Will you have dark eyes like your dad or light eyes like me?  Will you snuggle with me and let me rock you?  Will you know me instantly?  When will you first smile at me?  What will your first laugh sound like?  Will you have chubby cheeks?

You have so many people that already love you! You are so lucky and we are so blessed!

Love you always,

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