Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Shiny (seems like new) Ring!

Since having this diamond ring on my finger for the last couple years I have found a new pet peeve.

When my diamond gets dull and dirty!

Seriously.  It really bugs me.  So what do I do - nothing. 
Bring it in every 6 months to get cleaned and checked and live with it.

So being my resourceful self that I think I am. 
I hopped on Google and found some options (after over 3 years of dealing with this!)

I found some advice and IT WORKED! My ring looks shiny and new again!

 (sorry for the bad cell phone pics and that I don't have a 'before' pic)

What was said to do: get a little bowl of warm water and put a little liquid dish soap in there.  Let you ring soak for a few minutes then take a soft bristled tooth brush to it.  I found this worked best for the pointy part of the diamond  - the part that sits closest to my finger (bet you didn't know I was an expert at knowing what things are called!) and Viola! Clean!

Even my husband noticed - and he doesn't notice ANYTHING!


  1. Good advice on the ring cleaning. I always loathe the time between cleanings while it is all funky and dull. I can't wait to try this!

  2. Wow, your ring still looks like it's newly bought from the store! I also use dish-washing soap whenever I clean my rings. Sometimes I use baking soda paste or ammonia to polish them. I’ve found that cleaning them myself is much cheaper than having a professional do it for me, although I do advise knowing all there is to know about cleaning before doing it, lest you want your rings to deteriorate.

    Jeffry Pullam

  3. Your ring does look shiny! It would be great if I can see how it looks before so there’d be a point of comparison. Liquid dish soap is effective in cleaning pieces of jewelry. For me, though, I use denture tablets. I dissolve one in warm water and put the ring in. Afterwards, I dry it and polish it with lint-free cloth. :)

    @Paige Low