Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Baby's First Baseball Game!

We went to baby girl's first baseball game last night (Go Twins!). 
It was a gorgeous night for outdoor baseball.  We were a little worried because when we were driving to the game we drove through two pretty crazy rain storms.  Once we got to the game it was all clear skies though.

The best part of going to the games is figuring out which super healthy (haha) stadium food I am going to eat.  Dan always gets the same thing... some sort of bratwurst with everything on it.  I had seen some people walking around with a helmet full of nachos - so baby decided that is what we should have :)

Seriously, it was huge.  Good thing Dan tackled half of it for me! 

Don't worry...for dessert we both ate some very delicious warm mini doughnuts! SO GOOD!

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