Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Busy Weekend!

So this weekend was the From the Heart Half Marathon/5K.  The proceeds go to a couple families in the area that are facing cancer - a very good cause! A TON of people were there which is fantastic! Dan and his Dad ran the half marathon and Dan's Mom and I (and baby!) walked the 5K.  It was fun!

 We had quite a few people at our house all weekend - company is always fun!
ALSO - it makes me clean the house which is good.

The past couple days have been spent getting ready for baby's first Twins baseball game (tonight), getting together a list for the baby shower which will be in June, figuring out the best date to take maternity pictures, and getting ready for our trip back home!
Lots of things to do! 

This summer is already flying by - we will have a new addition to the family coming up very soon!

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