Thursday, May 3, 2012

Awkward & Awesome Thursday!

* How weird my running shoes look with my work outfits. It has gotten to the point where my normal work shoes (normal black shoes with a slight heel) are just hurting my feet too much.  So comfy shoes it is!
* Going to hubby's softball games, sitting by myself and cheering in my head.  He is on a new team this year so I don't know anyone yet....
* Walking down the street the other day and getting whistled at my two guys.  They saw me from behind - so I assume they didn't see that I was pregnant.  As my husband informed me the other night - I would now be considered "damaged goods" by single guys.

* Getting our Travel System (Car Seat and Stroller) in the mail yesterday! On top of that - it was on sale at Target so we saved $70 - AWESOME!
* Getting ready to hang decorations in baby girls nursery! This makes me a little nervous - I am never really sure where exactly I want things to go...
* 5K this weekend (for me and MIL) Half Marathon (for Hubby and FIL).  Then off to SIL's place to help them build a swing set for the girls!
* Passing my glucose test last Thursday! Also - the drink wasn't bad at all.  I had fruit punch.  It was tasty.

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