Thursday, May 17, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

* How much my legs hurt when the grass hit them while weed whipping the yard, but not wanting to stop and go inside and change out of my shorts and flip flops!
* The nurse at the doctor's office last week telling me I am 34 weeks pregnant, which would be fine except that I am only 29 weeks pregnant.  Then debating with her as to who was correct.... I won :)
* Noticing that some of my shirts are way too short in the front....figuring this out, of course, at Target.
No wonder I was getting some weird looks.

* Getting to see my awesome family and friends soon!
* Being in my gorgeous friends wedding this weekend - and wearing a bridesmaid dress that doesn't look totally foolish on me.
* One of my other best friends getting engaged! So excited for them!
* Getting our first baby gifts in the mail! I love how cute baby things are! Makes me super excited for my upcoming baby showers in June!
* Finding this: Frost by Numbers: How to Make Frosting Colors shows you how to make beautiful colored frosting using a basic box of food coloring! So looking at this next time I make cupcakes!

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