Tuesday, December 4, 2012

4 Month Update

I can't believe that Olivia is already 4 months old! (Pretty sure I will be saying this the rest of my life!)
It is amazing watching her grow and develop.  She rolls from her back to her tummy (but not the other way around).  She gets her legs up under her butt so I think she may be crawling before we know it.  She found her thumb the other day - she has always sucked on her fingers and hands but not her thumb until now! She's laughing (LOVE!) She loves her feet.  She eats her socks.  I am pretty sure one of the best parts of her day is when I let her eat her clothes as I take them off and put her jammers on (she always laughs). We started rice cereal at night and she is eating like a champ. She weighs just over 14 pounds.  She loves looking at the Christmas Tree.
And last but not least, she loves reading with her daddy and snuggling with her mommy!

She is getting so big! Love this baby girl!

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