Wednesday, December 26, 2012

In my purse...

I was looking through my purse trying to find my chapstick (which I never did find...) and I thought to myself,
"Self, you have some random crap in your purse. You need to clean it out!"

I have been needing to clean it out - and switch purses for some time now. 
It just has never gotten high enough on my to do list I guess!

So without further ado - a list of crap that is currently in my purse (inquiring minds want to know I am sure!)

New unopened toothbrush
Jump Drive
Pile of Gift Receipts (whoops those were supposed to go on the Christmas Gifts)
Package of almost empty gum
Reminder card for Olivia's 6 Month Appointment... need to get that written on the Calendar
2 Pacifiers
Gym Pass
Burp Cloth
Lip Gloss & Face Powder
3 Pens
7 Gum Wrappers ... told you it needed cleaned out!
Top of a baby bottle
A couple business cards
and a load of change

No chapstick to be found......probably in my coat! Again I say, time to clean out the purse!

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