Monday, December 17, 2012

Our weekend adventure to the ER...

We had quite the adventure Friday night....

Olivia has had a runny nose the past couple days so we thought it was just a cold.  We put her to bed about 8:30 on Friday and she was doing great - we thought she was on the rebound! She woke up about 11 just she started screaming like crazy.  The scariest thing was that I couldn't wake her up.  It took a couple minutes but she finally woke up and continued crying.  Her breathing sounded awful and she had a few coughs.  We decided to take her to the Emergency Room which was a scary little drive!

They saw her right away and the Doctor and Nurse said that she needed a neb treatment.  We did one right away (Olivia was NOT happy with that!) She calmed down and fell asleep.  They did a few other tests - all negative.  Turns out she has Croup - poor baby! They gave her one more neb treatment and a steroid shot to keep the swelling down. When we left the emergency room (about 3:30am) she was breathing so so much better and was sleeping. 

She was pretty sleepy and hungry the next day so we gave her extra love and cuddled her all day!

Just seeing her sick and not herself breaks my heart! She is doing much better today and she slept through the night last night! Hope she kicks this sickness soon!

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