Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thursday's Thoughts

Here are my random thoughts for today....

Why do I ALWAYS get toothpaste on my outfit? And why don't I ever see it until halfway through the day?

 How is it that before I had a baby I needed at least 8 hours of sleep or I was a wreck...
and now I am living off max 6 interrupted.

Why do I have so many wedding pictures in my house and only a couple pictures of the adorable baby? That will be fixed as soon as I figure out which ones I want! 

I guess that is it for now.  I swear I had more rolling around in my head... but I am on my way to pick up the little one and it is all I can remember for now!


  1. I remember in high school finding tooth paste in the bib of my overalls at school...not sure what is more embarrassing the toothpaste or overall part!

    1. Yes! I had a pair of embarrassing overalls too! My most favorite pants were these red plaid polyester type pants... wore them all the time. Looking back at photos - they were not as cool as I thought they were!

  2. oh any your baby is so cute she looks exactly like you!!