Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cry it out?

Ok so here is the deal.  This adorable little girl takes great naps and goes to bed very easily.  Lately she has been crying out in the middle of the night (multiple times) all while staying asleep.  A couple nights ago - I was up every hour because she was doing this.  I would just pop the pacifier back in and she would be good.

Last night Grandpa was over and he says, "Why don't you just let her cry for a while to see if she will calm herself down".  Well...... she fell asleep and about an hour later she cried out.  Dan went in to just watch what she does but did not touch her or put the pacifier in.  While she is doing this she is really squirmy and is grabbing her feet - but still asleep.  She cried for a minute or two then went back to sleep on her own. WHAT! All this time I have been getting up and she could do it herself!

So last night she cried out 3 times (much less than the night before).  One of those times she was hungry.  The other two times I let her cry for a little bit and by golly she put herself back to sleep. 

Thank Goodness!
This mama is starting to feel like a zombie (probably the only time I will EVER refer to zombies in my life!).

Not sure why she is doing this and it is really bugging me that I don't know why. Her next well baby check isn't until February so it will be awhile before I see our Pediatrician.....

Even with a hard night this little girl wakes up smiling which makes you forget the 8 times you were up with her in the night (well kind of!)

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