Monday, December 3, 2012

Holiday Spirit!

This past weekend we were embracing the Holiday Spirit! (which is amazing for my husband - he usually hates it)
The house is decorated, we saw Santa (and Olivia grabbed his beard to make sure he was real!), and all of our Christmas shopping is done! Yay!

Having a little one around the holidays is seriously awesome.  The past years Christmas has always just been another holiday.  Now I am all excited about Christmas traditions and creating our own with Olivia.

What holiday traditions do you take part in? I want to make sure I am doing all the best stuff!

Embracing the Camera over at The Anderson Crew!


  1. Holidays are sooo much better with kids. Some things we do that make it fun is they each get an ornament of their own every year. They also get pajamas Christmas eve and get to open them and wear them that night. We do elf on the shelf only a different variation. It is our first year doing that. We have an advent calendar. We also do 25 days of Christmas and do something relating to Christmas each day. It gets better the older they get:) Stopping in from ETC.

    1. Awesome! Next year I want to start the 25 Books of Christmas where you unwrap a Christmas book each night until Christmas. AND the Christmas Eve pajamas. When she gets older I am sure we will do Elf on the Shelf. Since my husband is just easing into the liking Christmas thing, I need to take it slow!