Wednesday, February 13, 2013

6 Month Update!

Olivia is halfway to her birthday! I can't believe it!

6 things about 6 months:

1.  Olivia is really moving! Not quite crawling forward yet but she barrel roles all over the place and scoots backwards.  Seriously, I put her in one spot and turn around and she is across the room.  We are going to be in trouble when she does start crawling - which I think will be soon! She is doing this thing where she has her but in the air - like the downward dog yoga pose.  So cute!

2.  She sits and plays so well.   She loves taking things out of her bucket and spilling them all over the floor.  Pretty much everything goes in her mouth! She loves toys that play music!
3.  She still has zero teeth, but is working really hard on getting them! Right now she seems to like her teether toys that are chilled in the fridge.
4.  She is a FANTASTIC eater! She loves everything and has increased the amounts that she eats.  We started playing with Puffs.  She has put a couple in her mouth - but really likes when I just put them in there for her!
5.  She has been sleeping really well.  She goes down great and usually sleeps until about 4:30am.  We have been feeding her then even though I don't think she really needs it.  We are planning on weening her off that but she has been sick and teething so I didn't want to start that on top of it.  She is over her cold now though so we will be starting that soon!
6.  She is the happiest baby! She loves jumping and moving.  She is ticklish.  She laughs when I kiss behind her knees.  She thinks my ponytail is super funny.  I love when she gives me kisses back!

Love this little girl.  I can't believe how fast she is growing! Love my life!

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