Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My kind of scrapbooking

I love the idea of scrapbooking but the time, money and motivation just aren't there for me.

So instead I have been making books on Shutterfly.  I have a bunch planned out - just not totally created yet.

So far I have made a Pregnancy Journal (which I started and kept up through the entire pregnancy), Olivia's Newborn Photos and Olivia's 3 Month Photos.  Once I get her 6 month photos in the mail I will get on that one too!

Books I have planned.... Top 10 of 2012, Grandparents book for both sets, and a monthly update/progress book for the baby along with milestones, favorite things, etc.

I love how they turn out and they are so fun to make!

It is way easier for me to make books of this adorable baby girl.  I still need to make our Wedding and Honeymoon Book...it's only been coming up on 3 years. Whoops!

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