Monday, February 11, 2013

Our favorite books!

We have been reading to Miss Olivia since she was born.  We read to her for at least 20 minutes a day (which can be a challenge on some days!)

Recently, she has really been getting into the books.  Looking at the pictures, touching the pictures, looking up and watching me read to her and of course the grabbing and eating of the pages!

Here are some of our favorite books as of late.

 We love Olivia books!
These are such great books. They are just the right length and have bright fun pictures.  Olivia's favorite is Bubbles, Bubbles! We got them at Target for $1 - such a steal!
The Hiccupotamus is one of my favorites - I even have it memorized! Also on the list is Where is Home, Little Pip? Kumak's Fish (great book!), Humphrey's Bear, and If You Give A Dog A Donut.
Here are some of our favorite board books - these are great when her attention span just isn't ready for a longer book.
 This one is for me! I started reading it right when Olivia was born but it got put to the side.  Starting it back up again!

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