Thursday, February 7, 2013

... valentine blogging party time!

The lovely ladies, Casey, Nicole, Lauren, Ashlee, and Alycia put together a Valentine Blogging Party.
This is the first link-up blogging party I have joined – and I am so glad I did, I chose a good one!

I was paired with two lovely ladies (lucky me!)
Tesla @ Peace. Love. and Passion
Annie @ The Farrar Four

I think it was accidental that I was paired with these two wonderful ladies - but I couldn't be happier! I am a fairly new blogger and having the opportunity to meet and get to know other bloggers is FANTASTIC! 

I can't tell you how much I love receiving mail (online shopping is like Christmas for me!) So I have been anxiously waiting by my mail box (kidding!). 

Now let me tell you about...
Annie.  She is adorable! I seriously wish I had her hair - it is amazing! She has the cutest little boy and I have just loved reading her blog.  You should definitely check her out- you will not be disappointed! She sent her package yesterday so I will update you when I receive it! Can't wait!

Tesla. She is spunky. She is so fun. I love her blog! She puts together such cute outfits. AND she has a super cute accent. I wish I had an accent. Seriously though.  Check out her blog - she is super fun!

Ok first up from Tesla is this amazing desk calendar/planner. This fits me to a T! I always have some sort of list in front of me so having it all in one place is going to be fantastic!
 She also got me this fabulous pen (it's ok to be jealous!) and a set of notecards and envelopes that have an H on them - so cute! I love sending mail so this is perfect for me.
 And last but not least.... CHOCOLATE! I had to take a picture of this pretty quick because as soon as I opened it - I ate it.  While I was reading a book to the baby.  AND it was pretty frozen (it is pretty darn cold in Minnesota!) so that went over well with the reading.  Baby girl just kept looking at me trying to take my chocolate.
 All together - such a great gift! THANK YOU Tesla - I love it!

Happy Valentines Day!


  1. How lucky that you ended up getting two partners- twice the fun! I love the desktop calendar you got!!! I participated in the gift exchange/link up as well :) hope you have a happy Valentina's day!

  2. You and me both, this was my first link up party too! How fun for you to get two lovely ladies =) Welcome to the blogging world, it's a great place to meet new and wonderful friends!!! Happy Valentines!

    ~Maggie (Sweet Peas and Lucky Honey)